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Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV), formerly the Taxi Services Commission, is the regulator of the commercial passenger vehicle industry. This industry includes unbooked services (taxi rank and hail) and booked services (taxis, hire cars and rideshare vehicles). We also issue driving instructor authorities.

We work in partnership with the commercial passenger vehicle industry to ensure services for customers are safe and more accessible.

We encourage innovation and improvements to create better services for customers, while ensuring a safe and fair system for all, placing an emphasis on engagement and prevention before enforcement.

We empower the industry to take responsibility for their services and, when necessary, we won’t hesitate to take direct action to enforce the law.

We believe safety and trust go hand in hand: when the public feels safe, this builds trust in the industry.

Governance of Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

We are led by commissioner Monique Conheady (Chair) and Laurinda Gardner who were appointed by the Victorian Government.

We regulate in line with the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017, the Road Safety Act (1986) and the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Regulations 2018.

Our key functions include:

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