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Industry engagement

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Draft code of practice – Safety risk management and Culture

We have developed a draft code of practice which provides information and guidance to the commercial passenger vehicle industry about meeting regulatory requirements – in particular safety duties:

We want to hear your thoughts on whether the draft code provides appropriate and practical guidance for safety duty holders. Industry feedback will be considered when finalising the code.

The draft code has been designed to provide information and guidance to the commercial passenger vehicle industry about meeting regulatory requirements, in particular safety duties.

When reviewing the code, we would like you to please consider:

  • does the draft code provide appropriate and practical guidance for safety duty holders?
  • what parts of the draft code of practice work well?
  • what sections are unclear or not practical enough?
  • do you think that the document is missing information or should not include certain information?
  • are there any inconsistencies in our current approach to, or your understanding of how CPVV should be, regulating the industry?

To make a submission or for further information:

We will be accepting submissions up till 17 June 2019.

The final Code of Practice will be made available after approval by the Minister.

Consultation: Monitoring, compliance and enforcement policy enforcement policy 2019-2022 - now closed

We consulted on our draft monitoring, compliance and enforcement policy 2019-2022. The draft policy outlines how we intend to monitor, promote compliance with, and enforce, industry laws in ways that are efficient, cost effective and proportionate.

Finalising the monitoring, compliance and enforcement policy

Submissions will be considered in May and June 2019 and amendments will be made to the policy in response to the feedback. All those who make a submission will receive feedback and an overview of changes to the policy will be made available on the CPVV and Engage Victoria websites.

The final CPVV monitoring, compliance and enforcement policy will be published on the CPVV website on or before 1 July 2019.

Engaging with the CPV industry

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) is the Victorian regulator of the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

We keep our stakeholders informed and up-to-date on things that may affect them.

The best way to keep updated is through our eNewsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, register your details and we'll keep you informed. We also produce a Booking Service Provider (BSP) Bulletin, which goes out to all register BSPs.

In addition to our ongoing communication and engagement channels, we run an Industry Implementation Group (IIG). This group provides valuable input into the way we deliver industry reforms, projects or key initiatives and CPVV’s strategic objectives of:

  • safety
  • accessibility
  • customer focussed
  • competition
  • being an effective regulator.

IIG membership consists of representatives from the commercial passenger vehicle industry including those from the taxi, hire car and rideshare sectors.

This group is designed to assist us in delivering on our objectives and in implementing key industry changes. While the IIG provides significant input into matters, it is not a decision-making body.

Industry Implementation Group

The IIG specifically focuses on key industry changes being implemented following the introduction of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017.

The key functions of the IIG are to:

  • provide feedback that reflects the views of their industry, members or representative body in relation to the commercial passenger vehicle industry
  • provide information to us in relation to industry changes.

It also provides an opportunity for members to work closely with us to:

  • aid in the efficient delivery of the reforms
  • test assumptions and proposals
  • workshop ideas and possible solutions.