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Commercial passenger vehicle industry statistics

Statistics end of July 2019

Number of commercial passenger vehicles by registration type

Registration typeNumber of registrations
Booked only          59,455
Unbooked         10,217
WAV                    941
Total               70,613

Change in registration numbers from July 2018: In July 2018 the CPV registration system superseded the taxi and hire car licensing system. Licences which were not connected to a vehicle as at July 2018 have been assigned a 'cancelled' status following the transition to the CPV registration system. This change has altered the number of active vehicle registrations reported effective from July 2018 onwards.

Number of accredited drivers

Accredited drivers (taxi, hire car and bus drivers)102,116

Compliance outcomes (monthly figures)

Vehicle Inspections527
Infringement Notice4
Official Warning (Written Warning)4
Rectification Notice (CPVV defect notice)87
Defect Notice (VicRoads defect notice)8