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Media releases

Media Release - CPVV cracks down on illegal Lifts for Cash operators

23 Aug 2019

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria warns drivers that if they want to earn extra funds by offering illegal lifts for cash, to think twice. This week, Victoria’s regulator for commercial passenger vehicle services has issued fines to 17 drivers totalling close to $34,000.

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Industry on board with new laws

9 Feb 2018

Victoria’s new taxi and hire car laws are being embraced by industry with UberBLACK, UberX and Taxify now accredited with the Taxi Services Commission to manage bookings for commercial passenger vehicles.

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New Commissioner attends her first Taxi Services Commission meeting

25 Jan 2018

The Taxi Services Commission’s new Commissioner, Ms Colleen Furlanetto, will attend her first Commission meeting today.

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Hire car licence applications required for drivers wishing to operate in 2018

21 Dec 2017

Hire car operators, including rideshare drivers, are reminded that from 1 January 2018 they must have applied to the Taxi Services Commission for a hire car licence and driver accreditation in order to operate.

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TSC announces new CEO

9 Jun 2015

Mr Graeme Samuel AC, Chair of the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) today announced the appointment of new Chief Executive Officer, Aaron de Rozario, who will commence on 24 August 2015.

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More knowledgeable and better paid cabbies from today

1 Jul 2014

New cabbies will be put through their paces before being able to apply to become a taxi driver, with the new Knowledge test now in effect, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said today.

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$300,000 safety boost for eight taxi ranks

16 Apr 2014

Eight local councils across Victoria will once again receive funding to enhance security and safety at taxi ranks thanks to the Victorian Coalition Government's Taxi Rank Safety Program, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder announced today.

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Fairer fare for a better taxi industry

11 Apr 2014

An additional cost for taxi passengers will be introduced to deliver a better taxi service across Victoria, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder announced today.

Mr Mulder said that the taxi fare increase across Victoria will support the industry and help deliver better customer service.

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Media release - Early licence release

20 Mar 2014

The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) today announced that up to 60 metropolitan licences will be available via a lottery for a 12 month fixed term.  The release of licences will include up to 46 conventional licences and 14 wheelchair accessible taxis, meaning that all members of the community will benefit from additional taxi services on our roads.

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Media release - Knowledge test a step closer

19 Mar 2014

 The new taxi Knowledge test is a step closer, with the Taxi Services Commission today announcing Genix has been selected to deliver the Knowledge test to taxi and hire car drivers in metro Melbourne.

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Taxi passengers win as reforms slash card fees

31 Jan 2014

Taxi passengers paying their fare with a credit or debit card will pay less from 1 February 2014, with the fee for paying electronically to drop from 10 per cent to a maximum of five per cent inclusive of GST.

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Opening up the hire car industry

10 Dec 2013

Graeme Samuel, Chair of the Taxi Services Commission, today announced major reforms to the hire car industry in Victoria.

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Media release - VTA Conference vision

10 Sep 2013

In an address to the Victorian Taxi Association's annual conference today, Graeme Samuel, Chair of the Taxi Services Commission, reiterated how the reforms to the taxi and hire car industry are transforming the industry.

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Media release - advertising in taxis

10 Sep 2013

Victorian taxis can carry now advertising on, and in, their taxis. The changes came into effect 9 September 2013 following the publication of a Government Gazette. Read more about Advertising in taxis. Read FAQs: Advertising in taxis.

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