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Register as a Booking Service Provider

A BSP is a person, company, partnership, or association that meets either of the following definitions.

It is a business that:

  • receives requests from customers for a commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) service (including taxi, hire car, rideshare, wedding car); and
  • arranges or facilitates the acceptance of these requests by, or on behalf of, CPV drivers.


  • it owns, operates, or controls a wholly or partly automated electronic system (for example an ‘app’) that performs both of the above.

A BSP can accept payment for the service on behalf of the driver, or have a payment made directly to the driver. CPV drivers and owners usually have the choice of subscribing to one or more registered BSPs.

BSPs can be organisations based within, or outside of, Victoria.

If you are planning to, or already have started operations as a Booking Service Provider (BSP) in Victoria, you must register with us. To find out more information about providing booked services and the responsibilities that will be held, a link to the BSP industry guide can be found here.

To register as a BSP you are required to hold an ABN. You will also need to sign up to the CPVV User Portal as a “non-individual”.

Access to the CPVV User Portal can be found here.

Once your application has been submitted, we will contact you if we require more information in addition to the details you have provided.