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Updating service provider details

If you’re a registered Booking Service Provider (BSP), you must inform us if any of the following occurs within 10 business days of becoming aware of the change:

  • change of BSP name or business/trading name
  • change of BSP contact details
  • change of responsible person
  • a new relevant person needs to be added, or an existing one removed
  • change of an existing relevant person’s contact details, and
  • change of BSP’s ultimate holding company.

You must use the BSP change of information form PDF, 264.1 KB

A new relevant person form must be submitted for a new relevant person and a current ASIC company extract for your BSP must be provided for any change of ultimate holding company. In addition, statutory declarations must be provided confirming any change of responsible person.

Relevant person form PDF, 309.8 KB