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Copyright and disclaimer


Copyright © State of Victoria 2013

Copyright of content and design on the Taxi Services Commission website is owned by the State of Victoria.

You may make limited copies of this website in accordance with the Copyright Act, including copies for research, study, criticism, review or news reporting. You may not reproduce, adapt, modify, communicate or otherwise use any part of this website without written permission from the Taxi Services Commission.

Material on this website may only be shown in full screen format, and may not include or be framed by advertising or any other information. Please link to our home page (http://www.taxi.vic.gov.au) where possible, rather than to our specific pages, as we cannot guarantee that other pages will remain at the same addresses.


The content of this website is provided for information purposes only. The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the currency, accuracy, correctness, reliability, usability or any other aspect, of the material presented on this website or that any document which is available on this website is free from any virus or other harmful or destructive code. To the extent permitted by law, the TSC does not accept any liability for any form of loss or damage that may result from any person’s reliance on the information or advice which is provided on this website or for any loss or damage arising from any virus or other harmful or destructive code contained in any document which is available on this website. Information is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance, suitability, currency, accuracy, completeness and authenticity of its content. The user accepts sole responsibility and all risks for using material presented on or accessed from this website. The TSC advises that you should verify all information and obtain independent advice before acting upon any information contained on the TSC’s website.

Some pages on this website may contain links to other websites (external links). The TSC does not make any warranties or representations of any kind in relation to the content of any linked Internet site. Nor is the external link an endorsement of any product and/or service advertised on the linked Internet site.

Materials on the TSC website may include the opinions and recommendations of third parties. Such material represents the views of the author, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the TSC, or indicate a commitment by the TSC to a particular course of action. 

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