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Accreditation conditions

Holders of driver accreditation are required to comply with a standard set of driver accreditation conditions.

If a driver’s accreditation was issued before 13 September 2018, then the standard set of conditions current at that time (detailed either on your driver certificate or an accompanying brochure) will continue to apply until further notice.

For driver accreditations issued on or after 13 September 2018, or for any re-issued driver certificates, a new standard set of conditions apply that better reflect the provisions of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 (the Act).

CPVV standard driver accreditation conditions applicable from 13 September 2018 DOCX, 612.5 KB

Individual condition codes

We may issue other individual condition codes on your driver accreditation certificate as appropriate.

Relevant individual condition codes are identified as follows:

  • W means the driver can provide Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) services to people with disabilities
  • S means the driver is required to wear glasses while driving a commercial passenger vehicle.

Note: any other condition codes that may be present on your certificate, e.g. MH, MTMH, UK, are no longer relevant.

Other conditions

At any time, we may impose other/specific conditions on your driver accreditation that you need to comply with. These other/specific conditions are in addition to the standard set of conditions.