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Driving with child passengers

When passengers travel with a child in a commercial passenger vehicle, there are certain safety restraint and seatbelt requirements which must be followed.

Under the Road Safety Rules 2017 (the rules), the requirements differ for infants under 12 months, and children aged between 1-6 years of age.

The requirements also differ for unbooked services (taxis offering rank and hail) and booked services (hire cars and rideshare vehicles).

Unbooked vehicles (taxis)

If you offer taxi rank and hail services, you’re not required to carry child restraints such as capsules, child seats or booster seats.

Unbooked vehicles must have at least one point where the straps of a child restraint or booster seat can be securely attached, if a passenger supplies their own.

Under the rules, infants under 12 months old must be carried in the back seat of a taxi by the parent or accompanying adult.

Children aged 1 to 6 years of age must also travel in the back seat. They must wear their own properly fastened seat belt if a suitable child restraint or booster seat is not available. They must not be sitting on anyone’s lap.

Booked vehicles (hire cars/rideshares)

The rules covering children travelling in booked vehicles such as hire cars and rideshares differ to taxis. They are the same as private cars.

This means that children up to 7 years of age must be secured in a restraint appropriate to the age and size of the child.

Children aged over 7 years must use either a booster seat or an adult seat belt.

These points should be read in conjunction with the full Road Safety Road Rules 2017, relating to children travelling in vehicles.

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