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Disciplinary action

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Mandatory actions

Being charged with a ‘category 1 offence’

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) must suspend your driver accreditation if you have been charged with a category 1 offence. ‘Category 1 offences’ include:

  1. serious violent and sexual offences
  2. sexual offences committed against a child or a person with a cognitive impairment
  3. serious motor vehicle offences
  4. child pornography offences, and
  5. terrorism offences.

If you are found guilty of a category 1 offence, CPVV must cancel your driver accreditation. If you are found not guilty of a charge for a category 1 offence then CPVV must re-instate your driver accreditation.

Driver licence suspended or cancelled

CPVV must suspend your driver accreditation if your driver licence has been suspended or cancelled. When your driver licence is current you can apply to have your driver accreditation reinstated. CPVV must either:

  1. reinstate your driver accreditation, or
  2. send you a notice of proposed disciplinary action.

Disciplinary actions

CPVV may take disciplinary action if:

  1. you do not comply with a condition of your driver accreditation
  2. you are charged with a criminal offence
  3. you would no longer satisfy a requirement for being accredited, including
    1. that you provide the services consistently with the Public Care Objective
    2. that you are technically competent to provide the services, and
    3. that you perform all of the tasks and duties of an accredited driver in an appropriate way.

If CPVV proposes to take disciplinary action against you, we will send you a notice advising you why we are proposing to take disciplinary action and the disciplinary action that we are proposing to take. Once you receive a notice you will be given an opportunity to respond before any disciplinary action is taken.

The following disciplinary actions may be taken:

  1. cancel your driver accreditation
  2. if your accreditation is cancelled you may be disqualified from applying for accreditation for up to five years
  3. suspend your driver accreditation for a period of time or until an event occurs
  4. impose a condition on your driver accreditation
  5. require you to go to training
  6. reprimand you, and
  7. warn you that more serious action may be taken in the future.

Immediate suspension

If the information that CPVV has received about you is very concerning, then CPVV may immediately suspend your driver accreditation at the same time that it sends you the notice proposing to take disciplinary action. The immediate suspension lasts until disciplinary action is taken against your driver accreditation.