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Applying for driver accreditation

Delays to driver accreditation application processing

Our processing times for driver accreditation applications will unfortunately take significantly longer than the usual timeframe.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), which completes police history checks on our behalf, has advised that it is experiencing significant delays processing applications.

This means CPVV won’t receive the results of drivers’ national history police checks as quickly as usual. These delays, together with fewer processing days over the Easter holiday period and a high volume of applications, means our current processing time for driver accreditation is 4-5 weeks.

Drivers who have applied online will receive confirmation emails as they progress through each step of the application process, including when their police check has been submitted and completed.

Applicants will receive their application result in due course.

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time.

Information on this page

Do you need driver accreditation?

A commercial passenger vehicle is a vehicle that services the commercial passenger industry, offering unbooked (taxi) and booked (hire car, including rideshare) services across Victoria. These can also include community transport vehicles.

You must hold current driver accreditation to drive any type of commercial passenger vehicle or commercial/lprivate bus in Victoria.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for driver accreditation, you must:

  • hold a valid Victorian full driver licence
  • have held a full and current driver licence in an Australian state or territory or in New Zealand for a minimum period of six months
  • be medically fit to drive a commercial passenger vehicle
  • pass a national criminal history check
  • pass a driving history check.

Applying online for driver accreditation

Step 1. Complete a medical assessment

You should complete your Medical Assessment Form PDF, 78.8 KB before submitting your driver accreditation application online.

You can download a Medical Assessment form, and then take it to your medical practitioner.

Your doctor may ask you to complete a driver health questionnaire form to help with their assessment.

You’re responsible for any costs you incur in completing these medical assessments.

The medical assessment must follow the national medical standards described in the current Assessing fitness to drive guidelines. These guidelines detail the examination process and the medical criteria you must meet to be considered fit and safe to drive. Driver accreditation applicants must meet the commercial passenger vehicle driver standards.

Step 2. Complete the online application form

You will need your full Victorian driver licence and one of the following pieces of identification:

  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Australian passport*
  • International passport (with a relevant Australian visa). *
  • Passports may be current, or have expired within the past two years, but not cancelled.

You must pay the driver accreditation application fee online using only your MasterCard or Visa .

Proceed to apply online

Step 3. Upload supporting documents

Soon after you apply online, you will receive a confirmation email from no-reply@messaging.auspost.com.au. Do not reply to this email.

The email tells you what to do next to progress your application, which includes uploading your Medical Assessment form.

You may need to provide us with more supporting documents. This may include 100 points of identification, driver history, or change of name documents.

Step 4. Get your photo taken (unbooked commercial passenger vehicle services only)

Drivers who intend to provide unbooked commercial passenger vehicle services need to visit a VicRoads office to have their photo taken for the Driver Identification Card.

Step 5. Submitting/uploading your Medical Assessment form to Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

You must upload the Medical Assessment form, signed by you and your medical practitioner, and any other documents requested by us in your confirmation email.

Your application will be refused if you do not provide the required information.

Once we receive the results of your National Police History Check we will email you a copy of the results.

We do not start assessing your application until we receive all required documentation. Please make sure all documents have been signed and/or certified.

Step 6. Outcome of your application

We need 14 days to process your driver accreditation application after you’ve successfully uploaded all your documents. This depends, however, on the results of your medical assessment and your National Police History Check.

You will be notified about the outcome of your application once your application assessment has been completed. If your application is approved, we’ll send your driver accreditation documents to you.

How much does it cost to apply for driver accreditation?

The current driver accreditation application fee is $74.40.

Please note, this fee is non-refundable, even if your application is refused or withdrawn. For further information on payments, see fees and charges.

Maintaining your driver accreditation

For information on maintaining your driver accreditation, see Maintaining your driver accreditation.

Mutual recognition

You are eligible to apply for mutual recognition if you are currently an accredited commercial passenger vehicle driver from another state or territory in Australia or New Zealand, except New South Wales (NSW) as these are no longer issued by the NSW Government.

To apply visit our mutual recognition page.

Driver training for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If you hold driver accreditation you can apply for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) endorsement to be added to your driver accreditation. This will allow you to drive WAVs as well as standard vehicles. You will need to successfully pass the WAV assessment modules to receive WAV endorsement.

For further information on the WAV endorsement, please visit the WAV theoretical and practical assessment page.

Further information is available at:

Further information

Email us at driveraccreditation@cpv.vic.gov.au, for further information about the driver accreditation application process.

If you can't apply online, please download and complete the Driver Accreditation Form PDF, 121.6 KB.

From 4 June 2019, the only way to apply for driver accreditation will be online. We will no longer be processing paper-based applications.