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Online application for driver accreditation

Before proceeding with a new application please note:

If you already hold driver accreditation you can check that it is still current by viewing the Public Register.

If you type in your DC number and your name comes up, that confirms your accreditation is current. Visit the Maintain your driver accreditation page for more information.

If your driver accreditation is showing on the Public Register as suspended, or your name does not appear and you are unsure if you need to apply again, please contact our Customer Care Team for further assistance before proceeding with a new application. Send an email to driver@cpv.vic.gov.au or phone 1800 638 802.

Please answer the following questions to ensure you are ready to apply online for driver accreditation.

This is due to Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) experiencing significant delays processing drivers’ national history police checks and a high volume of applications. Select 'yes' to indicate you understand there will be a 4 week wait for your results and that you wish to continue.