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Police Checks by the CPVV

On 2 July 2018, we became Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria and a lot of changes and new processes came into effect. This means the information on this page may not be correct.

Please bear with us while we update this page and others on our website.

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) conducts criminal history checks, known as a National Police History Check, on behalf of some applicants.

When applying for driver accreditation, you will not be required to submit a separate Informed consent form. This is part of the application for driver accreditation.

However,  you must complete an Informed Consent form PDF, 82.5 KB if you are applying for one of the following:

  • applicants for renewal of driver accreditation submitting applications after their expiry date
  • accreditation as a taxi operator or booking service provider
  • commercial passenger vehicle licence (all except taxi)
  • transfer of a commercial passenger vehicle licence (all except taxi)
  • new applicants for driving instructor authority
  • applicants for renewal of driving instructor authority submitting applications after their expiry date.

The information on the Informed Consent form will be submitted by the CPVV on your behalf to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and police agencies to check criminal history. This information will then be used by the CPVV in assessing your application.

If you believe that the results of your criminal history check are not correct – for example they belong to a different person – you may dispute this outcome by contacting the CPVV within 28 days of receiving your NPHC. For more information on the dispute process see Disputing your Police Check results.

If you are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person unable to satisfy the Minimum Identity Requirements in the Informed Consent form please complete this Proof  of Identity (special provisions) form PDF, 118.8 KB. You can then submit this supplementary form with the Informed Consent form.