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This page provides a link to more information about payment plans and the internal review process for those who have been issued an infringement notice. It also lists the 20 most frequently-issued commercial passenger vehicle infringement notices and the associated fines.

Payment plans and the internal review process

If you have been issued an infringement notice by us and would like to request a review of an infringement notice find information on payment plans, please refer to:

  • the Fines Victoria website
  • the instructions on the back of your infringement notice.

Current fines

Fine amounts increase annually in accordance with the indexation of Penalty Units under the Monetary Units Act 2004. For a full list of current fines, see automatic indexation of fees and penalties .

The offence descriptions are a summary of the offence only and are not intended to represent all of the elements required to prove each offence.

Fines are not negotiable.