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Surveillance Testing

What are the surveillance testing recommendations for the CPV industry?

The Department of Health recommends that commercial passenger vehicle drivers who pick up passengers or crew at international ports of entry (airports and seaports) get tested regularly for COVID-19, even if they have no symptoms. International ports of entry include Melbourne and Avalon Airports, as well as Port of Melbourne, Port of Geelong, Port of Hastings and Port of Portland.

It is recommended by the Department of Health under their Surveillance testing industry list - COVID-19 that CPV drivers who transport these passengers or crew have either:

  1. 1 x PCR (either throat-nose or saliva swab) test per week; or
  2. at least 3 x rapid antigen tests per week, with no more than 72-hours between each test.

It is recommended that this testing continue for 14 days after transporting passengers and crew from international ports of entry. PCR tests are available at state-run COVID testing sites and are free for all Victorians. Rapid antigen tests can be purchased in pharmacies, supermarkets and other retailers (both in-store and online).

This testing regime is not recommended if the driver does not complete work at international ports of entry, however, drivers may wish to monitor their health with regular testing as appropriate..

Drivers may continue to provide services while waiting for the test results unless they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in which case they should have a PCR Test and isolate whilst they await their test results.

All drivers that experience COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to the virus via a primary close contact should stop work immediately and undertake a PCR test. More information about what to do if you test positive is available at the CPVV Testing Positive FAQS webpage.