Driving student FAQs


Where can a learner driver travel to practise driving? (Updated 20/10/20)

For light vehicle learner drivers within metropolitan Melbourne under the Second Step, driving practice is now permitted provided it is part of leaving home for one of the four permitted reasons, such as going to the shops, work and providing care. A lesson must be taken with a member of the learner driver’s household. Driving solely for the purpose of practice is still not permitted.

You can only travel within metropolitan Melbourne to practise driving and must stay within 25km of your home unless you have a permitted reason for travelling further.

Can a learner driver travel to undertake professional driving lessons?

Professional driving lessons are not permitted reasons to leave home at this time under Second Step restrictions. Professional driver training can only continue if it is necessary for the operations of a permitted workplace – for instance you need a specific driving licence to undertake a designated role at a permitted workplace.

A valid worker permit would be required for both the instructor and the learner, and face masks must be worn.

Are driving tests being conducted in areas under the Second Step of the roadmap for reopening?

No. VicRoads has suspended all light vehicle licence testing, including drive tests, with the exception of priority tests approved under our hardship and special circumstances policy.

At the request of an applicant, an interpreter or a driving instructor may participate in these tests (provided there are no more than three people in the vehicle) and the Safe Operating Procedure endorsed by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is followed.


Who can provide a driving lesson/practice under the Third Step of the roadmap for reopening?

Under the Third Step, driving practice and driving lessons are allowed with supervising drivers who are full licence holders. This may include family members or other adults within the learner’s household, volunteer mentors* and qualified driving instructors.

Face masks must be worn by the learner driver and anyone in the vehicle who is not a member of their household.

Where can a learner driver travel for a driving lesson? (Updated 22/10/20)

If you live in regional Victoria under the Third Step of the roadmap, you can only travel within regional Victoria to take a driving lesson. Travel to metropolitan Melbourne can only occur for permitted reasons, seeking medical treatment, care and compassionate reasons or shopping for necessary goods.

*The TAC L2P Program assists learners between 16 and 21 years of age, who do not have access to a supervising driver or vehicle, to gain the driving experience required to apply for a probationary licence. The young learners are matched with fully licensed volunteer mentors and have access to a sponsored vehicle, which they can use to get supervised driving experience. Notably, mentors and learners do not live in the same household.