Vehicle owners FAQs

  • New Workplace Directions place additional obligations on the CPV industry from 22 November. We'll update our FAQs when we have more details.
  • A permit system is now in place for crossing the border with South Australia. Find more information on the DHHS website.
  • New laws that reflect our current cleaning advice are in effect from 18 November 2020. This page has information on how to comply.

I am an independent owner/operator, what else do I need to know?

If you are a booking service provider (BSP) that is exempt from registering with CPVV, you must also fulfil the requirements of a BSP. This includes vehicle owners that own one or two vehicles and accept bookings only for those vehicles. If this applies to you, please see the BSP section for more information.

If you only provide unbooked trips you must still ensure, under regulations effective 18 November 2020, that your vehicle is cleaned as required and keep cleaning records for your vehicle. For more information see What information do I need to keep in cleaning records.