Vehicle owners FAQs

Do CPVs need to have a digital system to record passenger details?

Yes. It is mandatory for owners of commercial passenger vehicles (CPVs) to provide a digital record-keeping system, such as a QR code, in their vehicle (s), which records:

  • passenger’s first name
  • phone number
  • date and time the passenger used the service
  • registration number of the vehicle.

In addition to this, owners are required by Department of Health to keep:

  • copies of cleaning records and booked commercial passenger vehicle service trip data, if your booking service provider maintains these
  • trip data about any unbooked services your vehicle provides.

Victorian Government’s free and easy to use QR Code Service has a version specific for commercial passenger vehicles, which can be downloaded from -

This service is integrated with the Victorian Government’s contact tracing system to help contact tracers respond to outbreaks even faster.

Owners should work with drivers to ensure customers are encouraged to check in whenever using the service. Drivers are not responsible for making sure passengers use the QR code. There is no requirement for passengers to check-in when using a CPV; however, it is strongly recommended.

Drivers can assist passengers to check in by turning on internal lighting and remaining stationary until they have registered via the QR code, as scanning the code in the dark or in a moving vehicle can be difficult.

To remind passengers to wear their mask and to check-in using the QR code, we recommend printing a free reminder and placing it next to the code in your vehicle.

If vehicle owners choose to use another QR code system, it must be linked with the Victorian Government’s Visitation API (Application Program Interface).

Connected third parties can go to the Victorian Government Visitation API to check if the QR Code service they are using is connected to the Victorian Government Visitation API.

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I am an independent owner/operator, what else do I need to know?

If you are a booking service provider (BSP) that is exempt from registering with CPVV, you must also fulfil the requirements of a BSP. This includes vehicle owners that own one or two vehicles and accept bookings only for those vehicles. If this applies to you, please see the BSP section for more information.

If you only provide unbooked trips you must still ensure, under regulations effective 18 November 2020, that your vehicle is cleaned as required and keep cleaning records for your vehicle. For more information see What information do I need to keep in cleaning records.