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Current Restrictions in Victoria

The Victorian Government has extended the lockdown until 11:59 pm 27 July 2021. Comprehensive information on the restrictions can be found at the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus website.

Commercial passenger vehicle drivers may continue to provide services during this time and must continue to be COVIDSafe. This means:

  • Drivers, vehicle owners and booking service providers must continue to adhere to vehicle cleaning regulations.
  • Drivers and passengers must wear a face mask (unless a lawful exemption applies).
  • Drivers and passengers must continue check-in to CPVs using the Service Victoria QR code provided.
  • Vehicle owners must make available the Service Victoria QR code in their vehicle.

The Government has introduced stricter travel restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19 from NSW into Victoria. This means, from 11:59pm 20 July 2021 Red Zone Permits will not be issued to those wishing to enter Victoria from NSW or the ACT unless they are a specified worker (on the Specified Workers Lists), for compassionate reasons or for those transiting through to another jurisdiction.

For more information visit the Victorian Travel Permit System webpage.

CPV drivers are not responsible for ensuring their passengers meet the Victorian entry requirements.

Charter and tour bus drivers are not permitted to provide services during this time.

Driving instructors are not permitted to provide services during this time.

Register now to get your vaccine

The Victorian Government has expanded the priority groups to include commercial passenger vehicle drivers. This is in addition to community priority groups:

  • All people aged 60 years and over can get the AstraZeneca vaccine.
  • People aged under 60 years can get a Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccines are available at many locations across Victoria. Find the vaccination centres closest to you.

Note that walk-ins are allowed at high-volume vaccination centres, but you are encouraged to book ahead by calling 1800 675 398.

Visit the coronavirus Getting vaccinated webpage for more information.

Financial Support

Please find updated information on CPVV’s Financial Support webpage which some CPV industry members may be eligible for.

If you have any questions, you can seek responses from the respective organisations managing the programs, their contact details can be found on CPPV’s Financial Support webpage.


As a CPV driver do I have to accept a trip if I feel unsafe?

No. If a passenger is not wearing a mask and you feel that you are unable to provide a safe service for either the passenger/s, you are not required to accept the trip.

If you have a safety concern regarding your CPV trip you can contact Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria at safety@cpv.vic.gov.au

Take a look at CPVV’s driver FAQs for further information about how to provide a safe service.

Is a CPV driver required to wear a mask if they are in the vehicle on their own?

CPV drivers travelling in a vehicle by themselves do not have to wear a mask.

What can I do if I suspect or am aware that Public Health Directions are not being followed?

See CPVV’s driver FAQs for more information on this.