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COVID-19 Marshal duties and support

Implementation of COVID Marshals is recommended for your industry

COVID Marshals are responsible for supporting site compliance and providing advice on appropriate physical distancing, hygiene and records requirements detailed in the Victoria Coronavirus (COVID-19) COVIDSafe page

The overarching purpose of COVID Marshals is to ensure implementation of COVIDSafe Plans and additional industry obligations and providing advice to employers and workers on safe working practices. This includes:

  • ensuring all relevant persons practice appropriate physical distancing measures
  • ensuring drivers/operators practice minimum-level hygiene measures
    (as per Infection Control Awareness training)
  • ensuring adequate ventilation
  • maintaining accurate and robust record keeping
  • informing required updates to respective COVIDSafe plans.

In addition, the COVID Marshal is also the lead point of contact for contact management. It is recommended that you:

  • designate one or more workers as a COVID Marshal whose role is to monitor compliance of the BSP with the COVIDSafe Plan for their business and site(s)
  • that the COVIDSafe Marshal(s) must successfully complete training provided by the employer that is in accordance with guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • have a COVID Marshal(s) at the nominated work premises whenever workers are on site
  • keep records of duty rosters for COVID Marshals.

The COVID Marshal should undergo basic infection control awareness training. You can find training at:

BSPs are responsible for designating COVID Marshal(s), in relevant areas under their control and ensuring they are supported. BSPs should give consideration to discussing their proposed appointment with their workforce and their representatives.

  • It is also recommended that COVID Marshals are also trained in first aid (Level 2).
  • BSPs can appoint multiple COVID Marshals if the nature of the work premises requires it.
  • BSPs should keep records of duty rosters for COVID Marshals

The BSP holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring that COVIDSafe obligations are met and that the employer complies with the Chief Health Officer’s Directions.

Further information on COVID Marshals can be found here.