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Driver certificates, photo IDs and MPTP cards

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Multi Purpose Taxi Program driver smartcards

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria issues a Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) smartcard to accredited commercial passenger vehicle drivers who nominate they will be providing unbooked services.

At the start of each shift, these drivers must log on to the approved electronic transaction terminal in their vehicle that’s compatible to process MPTP payments. The driver must remain logged on at all times during their shift and log off at their shift’s end.

The smartcard shows the driver's name, driver licence number and driver accreditation number.

Applying for a replacement smartcard

Drivers who require a replacement or reset smartcard can apply for one by contacting us.

We will send your new card to you in the mail.

Emergency vouchers

If the electronic transaction terminal in the vehicle doesn't work a driver can use an emergency paper voucher to process an MPTP transaction.

To request vouchers, please note:

  • a maximum of two (2) voucher books can be issued per vehicle
  • only the vehicle registration owner can request emergency MPTP vouchers
  • request vouchers by email to mptp@cpv.vic.gov.au
  • please provide the following information:
    • name of owner
    • business address
    • mobile number
    • driver licence number
    • accreditation number
    • license plate number(s)

Driver certificates

When we accredit you, we’ll issue you with a driver certificate. All commercial passenger vehicle drivers must carry their driver certificate with them whenever they are driving.

Driver accreditation certificate - page one, sample only

Photo Identification Cards

If you are driving a commercial passenger vehicle that provides unbooked services, you must ensure your photo identification card is clearly visible at all times while driving.

Accredited driver card - front

Apply for a replacement Photo Identification Card

Contact us to arrange a replacement and we will send your new card to you in the mail.