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Fees and charges

Update 15 April 2020Recurring fees are paused until further notice. Learn more.

The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 introduced vehicle registration to replace existing licences. For further information see Register a vehicle.

The below fees and charges apply to commercial passenger vehicles, driver accreditations driving instructor authorities (all are GST exempt unless otherwise stated) and Booking Service Providers.

Information on this page

Further information is provided at the bottom of this page regarding payment, invoices, and infringements, penalties and additional fees.

Commercial passenger vehicle registration fees

Vehicle Registration Current Fee
Commercial passenger vehicle registration application $55.10
Commercial passenger vehicle annual fee $55.10

The fees listed above are the same if you are providing a booked or an unbooked service.

Damaged, lost or stolen registration plates

Commercial passenger vehicle registration plate service Current fee
Replacement of damaged unbooked commercial passenger vehicle registration plates (same number when the damaged plate is returned): service provided by VicRoads. Please visit the VicRoads website for information on this service.
Lost or stolen unbooked commercial passenger vehicle registration plates (new plate number): service provided jointly by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria and VicRoads Please visit the VicRoads website to find the current fee. This fee is payable to VicRoads only
All registration plate services in relation to hire cars: service provided by VicRoads. Please visit the VicRoads website for information on this service.

Driver accreditation

Driver accreditation for commercial passenger vehicles Current fee
Application for driver accreditation $76.30
Application for driver accreditation via mutual recognition $29.40
Driver accreditation annual fee* $34.00

* Update 15 April 2020 - Recurring fees are paused until further notice. Learn more.

Driving instructor authorities

Driving instructor authority Current fee
Driving instructor authority fee (3 years)  $533.20

Booking Service Provider (BSP) registration

Booking Service Provider registration Current fee
Application for Booking Service Provider registration $46.80

Criminal records check for each additional relevant person in relation to the application

+ $46.80


Payments can be made via bank cheque or money order. Cash payments are not accepted at Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria.

If you are applying for mutual recognition or BSP registration, you can submit your application without payment. We will contact you with our banking details so you can arrange a direct banking transfer of the application fee. This is a temporary change to our usual process.

See Make a payment for more information on payments.


What you need to know

The vehicle registration annual fees costs $55.10.

We have not been issuing invoices while we have been transitioning to the new regulatory arrangements. We will let you know when we will resume sending invoices.

The fee will not apply to the previous or coming year, it will simply be applied annually at a point in time. Therefore, we will not charge fees that would have been due in the past when we re-commence the process.

Please note that you do not need to take any action until you receive your invoice. In the meantime, if you wish to check your registration remains active, please search the Public Register.

Vehicle owners will have 30 days to pay the annual fee.

The details

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria issues invoices for a vehicle’s annual registration fee 30 days prior to the due date. You’ll receive an invoice for your annual registration fee at the same time each year.

Payment instructions will be included on the invoice. If you do not pay your vehicle’s annual registration fee by the due date specified on the invoice, your vehicle’s registration as a commercial passenger vehicle will be cancelled.

If your vehicle’s registration is cancelled and you wish to continue providing commercial passenger vehicle services, you will need to register your vehicle online. This also costs $55.10. For more information visit register a vehicle.

If you have a question, please send an email to contact@cpv.vic.gov.au or phone our Customer Care Centre on 1800 638 802.

Infringements, penalties and additional fees

For information about taxi infringement notice payment plans, as well as a list of the 30 most frequently-issued infringement notices, please visit vehicle infringements.

For our other fees and charges, please visit automatic indexation of fees and penalties.

For more information, contact us.