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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with accessibility and mobility needs by offering subsidised commercial passenger vehicle fares to members.

Standard commercial passenger vehicle registration conditions require that registered vehicles that can provide unbooked services must be able to provide services for the Multi Purpose Taxi Program. Owners are responsible for providing the required equipment. Drivers need an MPTP smart card to log in to this equipment. Click here to find out more about driver MPTP smart cards or here to find out how to order one.

This page explains the subsidy and lifting fees that apply to MPTP trips. The rules for these changed on 4 August 2020.

The MPTP subsidy

When you provide a service to a member of the MPTP from 4 August to 16 December 2020, CPVV will subsidise 70 per cent of the total cost of the trip. This is part of the Government’s CPV industry assistance package.

From 17 December 2020, CPVV will subsidise 50 per cent of the total cost of the trip.

The most CPVV will subsidise for any trip is $60.

If the MPTP member has an annual limit, that will not change.

When subsidy levels change, all vehicle terminals will automatically apply the new rules. Drivers do not have to do anything.

Providing services to MPTP members with CPVV-issued wheelchair/scooter endorsements on their cards

Normally, if a driver provides services using a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), CPVV will pay a lifting fee of $21.20. From 4 August to 16 December 2020, this lifting fee has been increased to $42.40.

If a driver provides services using a conventional vehicle (not a WAV) and loads or unloads the wheelchair into/from the vehicle, CPVV will pay a partial lifting fee to the driver. This rule used to apply only in non-metropolitan areas, but from 4 August 2020 applies to trips anywhere in Victoria.

More details on how the MPTP subsidy and fees work are available in our guide to MPTP rule changes.