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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with accessibility and mobility needs by offering subsidised commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) fares to members.

Standard commercial passenger vehicle registration conditions require that registered vehicles that can provide unbooked services must be able to provide services for the MPTP. Vehicle owners are responsible for providing the required equipment. CPV drivers need an MPTP smart card to log in to this equipment. Find out more about driver MPTP smart cards or how to order one.

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MPTP subsidy

CPVV subsidises 50 per cent of the total cost of the trip. The most CPVV will subsidise for any trip is $60.

Should subsidy levels change, all vehicle payment terminals will automatically apply the new rules. Drivers do not have to do anything.

Providing services to MPTP members with CPVV-issued wheelchair/scooter endorsements on their cards

CPVV pays a lifting fee when a driver loads and unloads a MPTP member travelling in a wheelchair or scooter into a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

A partial lifting fee is also paid by CPVV for loading an MPTP member’s wheelchair into an applicable commercial passenger vehicle that is not a WAV.

The current lifting fees are:

  • $21.20 for WAVs
  • $10.60 for any other applicable CPV (anywhere in Victoria).

Correct charging of fares under the MPTP (reissued January 2021)

CPV drivers must ensure the correct fares, tariffs and charges are applied to all MPTP transactions under their driver accreditation conditions.

For specific details, please see the Correct Charging of Fares document below:

The document sets out:

  • How to charge an MPTP member for a CPV service
  • How to manage shared rides
  • When lifting fees are payable by CPVV and how they are received
  • How to process an MPTP member trip using a fare calculation device
  • Who can use emergency and interstate vouchers and how they should be processed.

For information about the commercial passenger vehicle services available to Victorian MPTP members and interstate transport subsidy scheme members, see Travelling with a disability.

Data Collection Provider Expansion Project

Invitation to Supply documents

We aim to introduce more transport options for MPTP passengers, so that those passengers can choose to take a taxi or hire car, including rideshare services.

As part of the Data Collection Provider Expansion Project we’re currently looking to partner with service providers to trial technology that may enable commercial passenger vehicles to carry MPTP passengers, subject to strict controls and guidelines.

We’re working with industry to ensure their technology is compatible with ours, that they can offer MPTP  members a safe service and that MPTP member’s entitlements don’t change (you receive the full subsidy and don’t have to pay a lifting fee).

Please find below our Invitation to Supply documents. Please use these if you’re looking to apply as a Data Collection Provider to be part of the MPTP.