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Searching the Public Register using automated processes

As part of CPVV’s commitment to provide new and enhanced services to the industry, we have developed an Application Program Interface that allows you to develop your own solutions that consume data on the Public Register.

This is the only method for automated Public Register searches that we support.

Who should use the Public Register Application Programming Interface (API)?

The Public Register API is available to everyone. However, to consume the service you must provide or acquire the expertise to develop your solution that is owned and supported by you.

Typically, this would mean you are a software developer, technology integrator or other IT support team.

See our detailed technical information about CPVV’s services that automate searching the Public Register.

We fully support the CPVV processes and API that automate searching of the Public Register. However, we can’t support or provide IT help for the solution you develop.

How do you access these Public Register APIs?

Step 1. Read the Terms and Conditions of use below.

Step 2. Send an email to contact@cpv.vic.gov.au requesting access to the Public Register API and state you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of use.

Step 3. We will then send you a user ID and password that you need to use our API to search the Public Register.

Terms and Conditions for using CPVV’s automated Public Register process

CPVV Terms and conditions API Public Register