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Fares for unbooked services apply when you hail a taxi from the street or engage one at a taxi rank.

Fare information for unbooked services must be displayed on the inside of the taxi, clearly visible to you (the passenger), and on the outside of the taxi on the left-hand side. This information should provide you with the applicable fare rates, including any fees and charges.

Maximum fares for all unbooked services in Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan area (including Frankston and Dandenong), the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, are set by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The ESC determination of 13 September 2018 states that your commercial passenger vehicle (taxi) may apply one of two fare (tariff) structures, which are outlined below.

Please note: the ESC has set these maximum fares so that, on average, fares will be the same regardless of which fare structure is used to calculate the fare.

For more information, please contact Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria on telephone 1800 638 802.

Estimating your fare

We have provided links below to a range of fare estimator tools to help you calculate the approximate cost of your commercial passenger vehicle trip in Victoria.

These tools provide estimates only and have not been created by us. They may not include other extras like airport surcharges, phone booking fee or card service fees.

You can also use a combination of google maps and the maximum fares as shown on the following page:.

For example:

Example 1

Jenny wants to get from 25 Collins Street to Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine. The total distance she will travel is approximately 22.8 kms and will take approximately 32 minutes.

To get an estimate of her fare Jenny uses the maximum fare rates for Melbourne based on time and distance

Google distance (22.8 kms) x day rate ($1.342 per km) = $30.60

Google time (32 mins) x ESC day rate ($0.344 per minute) = $11.01

Plus flag fall: $4.20

Total estimate of her trip is approximately $45.81*

Example 2

John needs to travel from Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine to Doncaster. The distance is approximately 38.5 kms and will take approximately 44 minutes.

To get a fare estimate John uses the maximum fare rates for Melbourne based on time and distance:

Google distance (38.5 kms) x night rate ($1.490 per km) = $57.37

Google time (44 mins) x ESC night rate ($0.379 per minute) = $16.68

Plus flag fall: $5.20

Total estimate = $79.25*

*Plus any applicable maximum extras such as tolls, airport fee etc

Get a fare estimate upfront before you travel

You can ask for a fare estimate upfront from the driver or the Booking Service Provider and request an itemised receipt at the end of your trip.

If you have an issue, please contact the Booking Service Provider.