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Replacing unbooked (taxi) commercial passenger vehicle plates

The following information covers how to replace lost, stolen and damaged unbooked (taxi) plates only. If you wish to replace standard, private vehicle plates, please visit VicRoads for further information.

Damaged plates

If one or both of your unbooked (taxi) plates are damaged, please visit VicRoads to order a replacement.

VicRoads will order replacement plates for you and let you know when they have been received by them.

All damaged plates are to be returned to VicRoads when you receive the replacement plate/s.

Lost or stolen plates

To replace lost or stolen plates, you must make a request to Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) to issue you a new set of plates.

Lost or stolen plates cannot be reissued (as per VicRoads advice) and must be replaced with a new number.

To advise CPVV that you require a replacement set of plates for the lost or stolen plates, please do the following:

  • Submit a written request to CPVV via email or post
  • Please provide the following details
    • registered CPV Owner name(s)
    • Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) registration number
    • business or residential address
    • email address or contact phone number
    • current plate number (eg., M1234)
    • number of plates lost or stolen
  • A police report that has all the above details noted
    • please note that in many cases VicPol will only issue you with a police report number, rather than an actual report document
    • if this occurs, please send a statutory declaration containing all the above information, including the police report number you received regarding this matter.

Failure to provide all this information may result in delays to this process and the replacement of your plates.

Once CPVV has received your request, we will do the following:

  1. update your CPV registration and send you a confirmation email with your new plate number and an Authority to Register (ATR) form (a copy of the ATR will also be sent to VicRoads with your new plates)
  2. ask you to respond and confirm the details of your vehicle registration appointment at VicRoads or Road Safety Inspections– we require this advice 7 days before your appointment to ensure your plates have arrived for your inspection
  3. send the new plates to your nominated location and update the Public Register on the day of your inspection appointment.