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This section provides help for people using this website.

Information on this page

Finding information

You can search for documents by typing in words or a phrase in to the search box located at the top right of each webpage.

You can also use the site map to find information.

Printing webpages

The navigation areas (including the banner, left hand navigation and footer) are automatically removed when you print webpages. This allows the page's content to be printed correctly on A4 paper.

Browser compatibility

Web browser software capable of rendering cascading style sheets is needed for optimal viewing. If you experience problems not related to your device, communications line or Internet Service Provider (ISP), please contact us for assistance. The site is compatible with popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.


For accessibility information go to the Accessibility page.

PDF files

For information about PDF files go to the Accessibility page.

Other file types

For useability information about different file types used for downloads and multimedia, go to the Accessibility page.