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Information for passengers

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Drivers must be accredited and vehicles registered

Commercial passenger vehicle drivers must hold a current driver accreditation from Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria and a full Victorian driver licence.

Drivers of unbooked vehicles (taxis) all display a Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria issued driver identity card which shows the driver's accreditation number, and photograph of the driver.

Drivers of booked vehicles (hire cars, rideshare, wedding cars) are not required to display identification in the vehicle when their photo and accreditation details have been provided to the passenger at the time of booking.

Passengers can check drivers are accredited and vehicles are registered to provide a commercial passenger vehicle service by using our Public Register.

Their choice of a preferred route

A passenger can specify the route to be taken to reach the stated destination, including whether they wish to use toll roads. If a route is not specified, the driver is required to take the most direct and practicable route available.

If the trip is unbooked (i.e. hailed from a rank), drivers must give passengers the choice of using or not using a toll road if one is available for that trip.

Assistance animals

Assistance animals, such as guide dogs must be accepted by the driver for carriage within the commercial passenger vehicle.

You can find more information about your rights when travelling with an assistance animal here:

Taking a commercial passenger vehicle with your assistance animal

Using interstate transport subsidy schemes

Passengers using interstate transport subsidy schemes to travel in Victoria are not able to access subsidised Uber or Oiii services, as neither organisation accepts paper interstate vouchers. Interstate transport subsidy scheme members should request a vehicle that has a CabCharge terminal when travelling in Victoria.

Fare payment

When hiring a commercial passenger vehicle, a passenger has entered into a legal agreement to pay either the fixed fare agreed to before the journey began, or the metered fare and tolls incurred in providing the services. The basis and cost of any tolls incurred that are not recorded on the meter must be prominently displayed within the vehicle. Passengers should also request an itemised receipt.

A receipt or tax invoice

On request, the driver must provide an itemised receipt that is legible and contains the following details:

  • signature of the driver, if not an electronic receipt
  • name of the Booking Service Provider, where applicable
  • registration number of the commercial passenger vehicle.
  • driver accreditation number
  • all items which make up the total fare and any additional rates and charges – including tolls
  • total amount paid
  • payment date.

Payment of tolls


All commercial passenger vehicles that travel on CityLink are charged like any other car. This includes wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).

If you travel in a vehicle that has a fare calculation device, then the tolls will automatically display as they are added to your fare giving you real-time visibility of the toll charges that apply to your trip. This means drivers will not need to add tolls manually at the end of a trip on CityLink.

The toll amount will also be displayed on your receipt. You can check if this is correct by using the Linkt toll calculator.


On EastLink, commercial passenger vehicles that only provide booked services (hire cars and rideshare vehicles) are charged like any other car. You can double check if these are correct by using the Linkt toll calculator.

Commercial passenger vehicles that provide unbooked services (taxis) are charged flat ‘taxi rates’ on Eastlink.  The driver will add these flat rate tolls to the meter at the end of your trip. You can find a list of the Eastlink taxi tolls here.

Check your receipt

When you travel on CityLink and/or Eastlink, tolls may appear on passenger receipts as a total amount.

Always get a receipt and if you believe there has been a discrepancy in the fare, tolls or any other charges you paid, or you wish to provide feedback, then please contact the relevant booking service provider.

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