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Insurance coverage for commercial passenger vehicle trips

Am I insured for personal injury when travelling in a CPV?

Yes, you are always covered for personal injury through the Transport Accident Commission. Information about making claims through the TAC can be found on the TAC website.

Are my possessions covered for damage, loss or theft when I travel in a CPV?

Property coverage will depend on the type of insurance your service provider has. If you’re unsure, check with your preferred booking service provider before booking.

How do I make a claim?

Always ask for your receipt as this will include the information about your trip. Contact the relevant booking service provider and let them know you’ve been in an accident. They will advise you what to do next. Booking service provider contact details are available on CPVV’s public register.

I am a commercial passenger driver/vehicle owner. What sort of insurance do I need?

You need to make sure you have insurance appropriate to the type of service you provide. Some insurers have insurance specific to commercial passenger vehicle services. You can seek further advice from your booking service provider if you’re unsure.

If you drive somebody else’s vehicle to provide commercial passenger vehicle services, make sure you have a driver agreement in place.