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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with severe and permanent disabilities by offering subsidised taxi fares to members.

Multi Purpose Taxi Program Expansion Project

In the future we aim to introduce more transport options for MPTP passengers, so that soon you can choose to take a taxi or hire car, including rideshare service.

As part of a new MPTP Expansion Project, we’re currently partnering with both taxi and hire car (including rideshare) Booking Service Providers to trial technology that may enable them to carry MPTP passengers, subject to strict controls.

We’re working with industry to ensure their technology is compatible with ours, that they can offer you a safe service and that your entitlements don’t change (you receive the full subsidy and don’t not have to pay a lifting fee).

We’ll notify our MPTP members of the results of the trial, and any new transport options available to them at the conclusion and evaluation of all trials.

Oiii vehicles are now providing services to MPTP passengers

Following the successful completion of their trial as part of the MPTP Expansion Project, Oiii vehicles are now providing services to MPTP passengers.

MPTP members travelling in Oiii vehicles have their member cards processed differently than in other commercial passenger vehicles. Oiii vehicles operate in Melbourne and use a tablet device that acts as a card reader, GPS and trip meter. The tablet displays a driver’s identification, records MPTP member details, calculates MPTP member subsidies and processes payments, when providing commercial passenger vehicle services to MPTP members.

While Oiii’s tablet device captures MPTP member information differently to other commercial passenger vehicles, it does not alter MPTP member entitlements. MPTP members will only come across this new technology if booking an Oiii vehicle via their app, hailing one on the street, or hiring one at a taxi rank. All other commercial passenger vehicles continue to use an EFTPOS machine to check MPTP member eligibility and calculate fare subsidies.

For queries or more information about Oiii’s services for MPTP members, please phone Oiii on 8394 6812. Find out more on the Oiii website.

MPTP subsidy

The MPTP subsidy pays for 50% of your fare up to a maximum of $60 per trip. Your fare may include the new $1 per trip levy. It may be charged as a separate item, or the Booking Service Provider may incorporate it into your fare. This will be covered by your subsidy.

You will need to pay for the cost of any road tolls, airport fee/s and Silver Service. They are not included in the subsidy.

For example:

Metered fare
This may include the $1 per trip levy


MPTP subsidy - 50% of the metered fare


Member pays
This includes the cost of any tolls or airport fee/s.


More details about fares

All unbooked (taxi rank and hail services) will continue to operate as they do now. Since 2014, unbooked commercial passenger vehicle services in regional and country Victoria can set their own fares. This remains the same, so there are no changes.

Fare information for all unbooked services will be displayed on the inside of the vehicle, where you can see them. They will also be displayed on the outside of the vehicle on the left-hand side. This information should provide you with the hiring rates, and all fees and charges.

From 2 July 2018, when you book a service using an application, the phone or the internet the Booking Service Provider can charge different fare rates at different times. This also applies to taxis that you book using these methods. You may notice a difference with your taxi fare when you book a taxi, versus taking one from a rank or hailing it from the street. If you request an estimate of the fare when you book the service, they must provide you with this, or the fixed price fare.

Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter MPTP card and the lifting fee

A Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter MPTP card allows the driver/operator to be paid a lifting fee. This lifting fee is paid by us for loading and unloading a passenger into a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

In country Victoria a lifting fee is also paid for loading a wheelchair into the boot of a sedan or station wagon.

If a driver/operator is to receive a lifting fee, the fare calculation device or meter must NOT be turned on while the passenger is being loaded or unloaded.

Wheelchair and scooter users are NEVER required to pay the lifting fee.

If a driver asks you to pay a lifting fee, take their details and report this to us either by:

  • contacting our Call Centre on 1800 638 802 (toll-free for fixed landlines only)
  • filling out the online complaints form on this website.

Please visit Customer feedback and complaints handling for more information on what we can and cannot investigate, and how to make a complaint.

When a passenger doesn’t have a M31 card the lifting fee is not paid. On these occasions drivers are permitted to turn the meter on while loading/unloading passengers. This includes when carrying WAV passengers from interstate.

For more information on the application process see How to apply

If you are already an MPTP member, there is information about: