Using your card

Your journey

Using your Multi Purpose Taxi Program card PDF

Information on this page and the above brochure can help with how to plan your journey and use your Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) card. It covers:

Booking a commercial passenger vehicle

Metropolitan Melbourne – For trips in the Melbourne metropolitan area, contact your local commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) company or Booking Service Provider.

Members who contact a driver directly and do not go through a Booking Service Provider, or depot, are still able to use their MPTP card, if that driver can process the MPTP subsidy.

Regional Victoria – To book a commercial passenger vehicle in regional and rural areas, contact your local Booking Service Provider or depot.


  • when booking, or taking a vehicle from the designated rank or street, please ask them if they can process the MPTP subsidy.
  • when booking a vehicle, remember to ask for a fare estimate upfront.
  • advise them that you have an MPTP card.

When the vehicle arrives

  • advise your driver upfront that you have an MPTP card.
  • give your MPTP card to the driver
  • advise the driver of your preferred route and if you would like to avoid toll roads
  • always ask the driver for a receipt
  • be sure to get your card back from the driver at the end of your trip. The driver should NOT keep it.

Please note:

  • you must be travelling in the vehicle when the MPTP card is used.
  • carers, family members or friends may travel in the vehicle with you.
  • your MPTP card should NOT be given to others to use, including carers, family members or friends
  • you must not use your MPTP card to send parcels or packages in a commercial passenger vehicle.

Estimating your fare

Information on how to estimate your fare is available on the Fares page. If you are an MPTP card holder, you would deduct the subsidy from this amount.

Yearly limit exemptions

Some members are eligible for exemption from the $2,180 yearly limit. For more information see card restrictions.

MPTP emergency vouchers

If the machine in the vehicle doesn't work then the driver can use an emergency paper voucher so you can still receive the subsidy for the trip. Remember to get a receipt for your trip.

Damaged cards

If your card is damaged and does not work you will need to pay the full fare. Be sure to get an electronic receipt which you can send to us for a possible reimbursement.

Using your card interstate

If you’re traveling interstate you are still entitled to the same subsidy when using taxis. However, you will need an interstate paper voucher instead of your MPTP card.

Contact us to get the number of interstate vouchers you require. Please contact us between 6 and 3 weeks prior to interstate travel, to ensure there is enough time for vouchers to be prepared, mailed and received.

For information about the commercial passenger vehicle services available to Victorian MPTP members and interstate transport subsidy scheme members, see Travelling with a disability.

CPV services in Victoria’s border communities

Many people living in Victoria’s border communities have economic and social networks that extend into New South Wales and South Australia.

CPVV wants to make sure that regulatory and practice differences between states don’t discourage people from taking trips across the border.

CPVV allows NSW-based vehicles to operate as CPVs in Victoria as long as they are registered. This allows us to make sure they meet our stringent safety requirements. However, these vehicles do not always have equipment that is approved by us to offer services to MPTP members.

Check with the booking service provider when you book whether the vehicle has the right equipment to offer MPTP services. If you find yourself in a vehicle that cannot process MPTP transactions, you will need to pay in full for the trip and send your receipt to CPVV. We will reimburse you directly. Details about how to email or post your receipt to us can be found in Contact us.

If you take a trip that commences in NSW, you will need an interstate paper voucher instead of your MPTP card. Contact us to get the number of interstate vouchers you require. Try to contact us at least five working days before you travel interstate to ensure you receive your vouchers in time.

MPTP card holder responsibility

As a member of the MPTP, you must take responsibility for your MPTP card. You must get your card back from the driver at the end of every trip. Failure to do this is a breach of the terms and conditions of your membership.