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Safety is our priority

We work with industry members to foster a culture centred around safety – safety for drivers and their passengers.

We engage more, with industry and the community, to help change any unsafe driver and passenger behaviour.

It’s important that drivers feel safe in their workplace, and that passengers feel safe when using a commercial passenger vehicle service – which is why we ensure all the checks and balances are completed. We work to ensure all drivers are accredited and Booking Service Providers and vehicles are registered with us.


We want to encourage everyone to do the right thing, so Victoria has the best possible commercial passenger vehicle industry.

Drivers, this means:

  • taking care of your health and safety, and the health and safety of your passengers
  • not taking risks – for as little as $74.40, it’s cheaper to become accredited with us than receiving a fine up to $1,934 for not doing the right thing. You can learn more and sign up here
  • your vehicle needs to be registered with us – this can be done for as little as $53.80. You can learn more and register here
  • learning more about your rights and responsibilities

Passengers, there are things that you need to be aware of to ensure your journey is safe and enjoyable:

  • if you get into a vehicle with a stranger, and they aren’t accredited with us, we don’t know who they are. Your safety is important to us.
  • we do background checks on all drivers who apply for accreditation – not everyone becomes a commercial passenger vehicle driver .
  • all vehicles need to be registered with us – if an incident or accident happens, we will have the details of that vehicle.
  • search drivers using our Public Register, to see if they are accredited with us
  • if you have a serious issue you can’t get resolved, let us know  – complete our feedback form so we are able to assist you.

Find out more about our safety approach

It’s up to both drivers and passengers to respect each other and be safe.