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Multi Purpose Taxi Program

All unbooked (taxi) service providers must offer services for members on the Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP).

The MPTP assists the travel needs of people with severe and permanent disabilities by offering subsidised taxi fares to members.

Commercial passenger vehicle drivers must ensure the correct charging of fares, tariffs and charges are applied to all MPTP transactions under their driver accreditation conditions.

Driver accreditation conditions outline how different drivers have different conditions (e.g. a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle driver).

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria’s correct charging of fares brochure specifies the correct fares under the MPTP:

Please note:

Our system is currently limited to accepting data related to three ‘extras’ charges.

These include:

  • the maximum booking fee that previously applied to the relevant zone
  • a $1.10 levy recovery fee and,
  • a $14.00 high occupancy fee in the metropolitan zone.

If the data provided to us is not one of these three, or a combination of these three extras charges, then we are currently unable to process the payment for the extras component of the claim.

If there are issues with your subsidy payments, please contact CPVV.

*Our Correct charging of fares brochure is being updated to include the information on ‘extras’ charges.

Plans for MPTP expansion

We are working to expand the Program to all regulated commercial passenger vehicle service providers, allowing them to offer services to MPTP members. This includes unbooked (taxis) and booked (hire cars, including rideshare) commercial passenger vehicles.

As part of this process, we are reviewing the MPTP subsidy rules to ensure they can accommodate the expansion of the program fairly for all passengers and booking service providers.

The current business rules are outlined in the  Correct Charging of fares – Multi Purpose Taxi Program Card PDF, 2.3 MB brochure.  Drivers are required to process all MPTP transactions in accordance with this publication.

We will provide further advice to industry when our review of the MPTP subsidy rules is complete.