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Lifting fees for MPTP members or passengers with a wheelchair or mobility scooter

CPVV pays a lifting fee when a driver loads and unloads an MPTP passenger travelling in a wheelchair or scooter into a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

A partial lifting fee is also paid by CPVV for loading an MPTP member’s wheelchair into an applicable commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) that is not a WAV.

The current lifting fees effective from 1 October, 2022 are:

Lifting fee (for WAV's in all Victoria)


Lifting fee (for conventional taxis in urban, regional and country)


PBBS Booking fee


The lifting fee recognises the time it takes drivers to load and unload wheelchair and scooter users. Therefore, the fare calculation device or meter must NOT be turned on while the MPTP passenger is being loaded or unloaded.

MPTP members that use a wheelchair or scooter are NEVER required to pay the lifting fee personally.

If a driver asks you to pay a lifting fee, take their details and report this to CPVV by filling out the online complaints form.

Please visit Customer feedback and complaints handling for more information on what we can investigate, and how to make a complaint.

When providing a service to a passenger with a wheelchair or scooter who is not an MPTP member, no lifting fee applies. In this case, drivers are permitted to turn the meter on while loading and unloading the passenger/s. This includes when carrying WAV passengers from interstate.

Non-wheelchair accessible vehicle services

If you use a CPV service that is a non-wheelchair accessible vehicle (for example, a sedan vehicle) and the driver loads/unloads your wheelchair into the vehicle, CPVV will pay a partial lifting fee of $10.90 to applicable service providers anywhere in Victoria.

Additional information

For more information on the application process see How to apply