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Public Register

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) provides this online Public Register to enable searches on industry service providers including:

  • commercial passenger vehicle drivers
  • driving instructors' vehicles currently registered as commercial passenger vehicles
  • Booking Service Providers (BSPs).

Note: CPVV does not publish contact details for drivers.

By searching you consent to the terms and conditions

What you can search for


You can confirm if a vehicle is registered as a commercial passenger vehicle.

If a vehicle is registered as a commercial passenger vehicle, the plate number and service types will display on the Public Register.

If a vehicle is not registered as a commercial passenger vehicle, no information will be displayed.


You can confirm if a driver is accredited or suspended.

If a driver is accredited their accreditation number, name and whether they can provide wheelchair accessible services will appear on the Public Register.

If a driver is suspended, this information will also be displayed.

If a driver is not accredited, no information will be displayed.

Booking Services Providers (BSP)

You can confirm if a BSP is registered.

If a BSP is registered, their name and contact details will appear on the Public Register.

If a BSP is not registered, no information will be displayed.

Driving Instructors

You can confirm the authorisation status of a driving instructor.

If a driving instructor is authorised, their authorisation number and endorsements will appear on the Public Register.

If a driving instructor is not authorised, no information will be displayed.

Using the register


Type the number plate of the vehicle (as issued by VicRoads)


Type the six digit driver accreditation number (no letters).

For drivers of unbooked vehicles (taxis) this number is displayed on the photo identification card affixed to the dashboard. For drivers of booked (rideshare) vehicles, this number is provided through the app when you book your trip.

Booking Services Providers (BSP)

Start typing the name of the Booking Service Provider. You must type at least three characters.

Driving Instructors

Type the six digit authorisation number of the driving instructor authority.

What happens if the search is not successful?

If the search is not successful, this can be due to either:

  1. the number or name you entered is incorrect; or
  2. the vehicle, driver, BSP or driving instructor searched for, is not active on CPVV records.

If you are concerned that you have been provided a service by an unaccredited driver, or travelled in an unregistered vehicle, please contact us on 1800 638 802.

Automated searches of data

We have developed an application program interface (API) to allow automated searching of data on the new Public Register. This approach is the only technique for automated Public Register searches that CPVV supports.

For information and technical details about Public Register APIs, how to access them, and what you need to do to use them, please visit Searching the Public Register using automated processes.

Application to restrict public access

Service providers within the commercial passenger vehicle and driving instructor industries may apply to CPVV to restrict access to their information on the Public Register.

CPVV may grant an application to restrict information if it is satisfied there are exceptional circumstances that justify the restriction. An application to restrict public access must be supported by evidence.

Application to Restrict Access to Details on the Public Register PDF, 88.7 KB

Applications should be forwarded:

by email to contact@cpv.vic.gov.au


in writing to:

Public Register
Application to restrict access to information
Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria
GPO Box 1716
Melbourne VIC 3001.

Further enquiries

If you have any enquiries about the Public Register, please contact CPVV on telephone 1800 638 802 or email: contact@cpv.vic.gov.au