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Surrender your vehicle registration

If you don’t intend to continue using your vehicle for commercial passenger purposes, and no longer require your vehicle registration, or have sold your vehicle, please send an email request to surrender your registration to registration@cpv.vic.gov.au

What to include in your surrender request

You will need to include your name, plate number, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria registration number and either your date of birth OR the entity name (if the vehicle is registered to an organisation or company).

Your email will generally be processed within 2-5 business days and your registration will be surrendered effective immediately upon actioning your request, unless you have specified another date for surrender in your email.

After your request has been processed you will receive an email confirmation and your plate number will no longer appear on the Public Register.

Once your vehicle is no longer registered as a commercial passenger vehicle, your vehicle can’t be used to provide commercial passenger vehicle services, as it is an offence if the vehicle is not registered to do so.

If you have sold your vehicle and the new owner intends to provide commercial passenger vehicle services, they will need to apply for commercial passenger vehicle registration in their name.

Resuming commercial passenger vehicle services

If you wish to use your vehicle to carry commercial passengers after your vehicle registration has been surrendered, you will need to visit Register a vehicle to carry commercial passengers

Further information

To surrender either your Driver Accreditation or Booking Service Provider registration, visit:

Surrender your Driver Accreditation

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