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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Subsidy Scheme

The Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Subsidy Scheme is part of an ongoing commitment to expand and maintain the accessibility of WAV services in urban, regional and country Victoria. The scheme subsidises the purchase costs of a WAV to make it similar in cost to a conventional taxi.

This page provides information about the scheme and how to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

Before being approved for a subsidy you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • have owned and operated an urban, regional or country WAV (taxi) licence prior to 9 October 2017, and you have continued to provide WAV services in these areas with a current CPV registration
  • be replacing a WAV that is older than 5 years
  • be able to accept and process Multi Purpose Taxi Program payments, and
  • not owe a previous unexpired subsidy to CPVV (if a previously subsidised vehicle has been sold or written off, and CPVV have instructed you to repay some of the subsidy payment).

Important: WAVs that only operate, or will only operate, in the Melbourne Metropolitan area cannot be subsidised. Subsidised WAVs are required to, almost exclusively, operate in the region nominated on the application. WAVs conducting trips starting and ending in the Melbourne Metropolitan area are not eligible for the WAV subsidy.

Application, assessment and scheme guidelines

CPVV will endeavour to review applications and notify you in writing of its decision to approve or refuse your application within 14 days of receiving a complete and valid application.

CPVV will contact you if it requires additional information. If you do not respond to our request for further information within 30 days, CPVV will process your application based on the information provided. This may result in your application being refused.

Please note that the application form is within the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Subsidy Scheme Guidelines PDF, 417.5 KB document. Instructions on how to apply can be found within the guidelines.

The subsidy scheme guidelines include:

  • Information about the scheme
  • The schedule of subsidy payments
  • Application form.


If you are applying for a subsidy to buy a WAV to replace an existing unbooked service (taxi) vehicle, you should lodge your application well in advance of buying the new vehicle. You should also consider the time required to have the new vehicle modified to carry wheelchairs – you may need to discuss this with the vehicle supplier. To ensure a timely vehicle changeover is achieved, you should consider lodging your application about six months before the date you wish to commence service with the new WAV.

In summary, the following timelines are a guide for the application process and its finalisation:




(CPVV assessment)

CPVV decision after the receipt of a complete and valid Application

14 days

Satisfying the conditions for payment
(applicant to complete)

As soon as the applicant has submitted the required documentation (see details below)

To be determined

Payment of invoice
(CPVV finalisation)

After satisfying the conditions for payment

14 days

The following certified or original documents must be submitted within 6 months from the date of your approval letter (satisfying the conditions for payment):

  • inspection report to confirm compliance with "Vehicle Standards Information 31, Licensed Passenger Vehicle Standards - Taxi" which is available online at www.vicroads.vic.gov.au
  • engineering certification for WAV conversion (if applicable)
  • evidence of comprehensive insurance cover on the vehicle
  • proof of vehicle ownership
  • the tax invoice for the purchase of the vehicle; and
  • a separate tax invoice for the conversion to a WAV (if not included in the vehicle purchase).

Driver accreditation and WAV training

Under the agreement, drivers of a WAV must hold driver accreditation issued by CPVV, complete the WAV practical assessment and hold ‘W endorsement’ which allows them to provide commercial passenger vehicle services to passengers in wheelchairs.

Important: your WAV business must give priority to bookings by people in wheelchairs.

WAV Subsidy Scheme Agreement

If your application is approved, you will be required to enter into a WAV Subsidy Agreement (Agreement). Subsidies will only be paid on the terms of this Agreement. You should read the Agreement carefully and obtain independent legal, taxation and financial advice if necessary.

Wheelchair Accessible Commercial Passenger Vehicle Purchase Subsidy Agreement (sample only) PDF, 206.8 KB

More information

For more information on the WAV Subsidy Scheme, contact us.